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We all need a little magic in our lives don't we? Especially when it's visually stimulating, intentfully created, energetically charged art and jewelry, right? Yeah, art is magic alright! I create psycho-spiritual and pagan-esque artwork of various types just for this purpose. Making magic happen.

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Art of Saundra Mondragon

I absolutely love vibrant colors, curved lines, dots and symbols. My paintings are done in acrylic ink and UV reactive paint on fabric, as well as acrylic on canvas. I've painted on rocks, king sized sheets and even bodies. You can occasionally catch me at events where I live paint. My creative inspiration comes from archetypal, psychedelic and subconscious symbology.

  • My print inventory is virtually unlimited.
  • Order online anytime.
  • Prints usually ship within 3-8 business days.

Sun Wrapped Jewelry

I am a self taught wire wrap artisan - creating wearable art and amulets out of gemstones and metal wire. I work in both copper and silver to create elegantly simple one of a kind handmade jewelry. This aspect of my work is energetically intensive as I work closely with my clients to assure you get exactly what resonates with what you need as well as asthetic. My work is guaranteed.

  • I do not keep an inventory of jewelry.
  • Custom pendants are created upon request.
  • It may take 3-6 weeks for completion.


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Mama Jedi's Twisted Labyrinth

Ascension Wytching ~ Anarcho-Pagan-Synchro-Mystic-Visions

This is where I share my stories of personal alchemy. I write about magick, metaphysics, the paranormal & my life. My life includes adult (or almost adult) children, my seven year old love child, unschooling, psychedelic trance, expanded consciousness states, astrology, spirituality and more. I also offer energy work and metaphysical services over there. Come walk the twists and turns of the labyrinth with me!