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Saundra Mondragon

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I’ve always desired to create beautiful things with which to grace the space around me. In 2004 I took up psycho-spiritual painting. Psychedelic trance music stole my heart in 2005 and I immediately began painting for the black light. My painting inspiration comes from spiritual, psychedelic and subconscious symbology. All tapestry work to this day is hand painted one brush stroke at a time, although I do see an air brush in my future. I also paint with non-UV acrylics on canvas. Body painting is another aspect of my art.

When my youngest child went toddler on me I had to find an artistic outlet which wouldn’t involve preschool paint sessions every time I wanted to get crafty. Being a lover of crystals and all things pretty I eventually discovered the art of wire wrapping. In 2010 I bought my first parcel of wrapping crystals and wire with which to wrap them. I later found that reiki would just pour into the custom work I was creating and couldn’t stop it If I tried. Friends dubbed this aspect of my energy work Sun Mama Prana.

My practice is an eclectic grouping of everything I have studied which does not offend my sensibilities. Metaphysics, active & passive Magick and a holistic approach to life are my passions. Born to research, I continue educating myself in a variety of manners; books, articles and personal one-on-one training. I use these as guideposts in mapping out my own reality matrix based on personal psychic, observational and psychedelic experience. Synchronicity often leads to various well-practiced teachers who share their knowledge and otherwise assist on my journey toward self-actualization. I’ve legit practiced all the things Universe has placed before me ever since I can remember. Not very well the entire time, mind you, but it's called a practice for a reason right?

I am here to serve our conscious awakening.